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Kakishibu was rooted in everyday Japanese life.
Kakishibu has been used for a long time in the everyday life of Japanese people, however, it has recently rarely been mentioned. Among the younger generations in particular it may be unknown.

Kakishibu is, as its name suggests, the tannin contained in persimmon fruits. The tannin is mostly found when the fruit is unripe. Kakishibu is made by fermenting and aging the juice of the best quality unripe astringent persimmon.

Kakishibu was used widely until not so long ago, as a necessary part of Japanese life. For instance, it was used for water proofing, strengthening materials such as fishing nets, fishing boats, tubs, rice chests, umbrellas, Japanese papers, fans, ceiling boards and undercoating of lacquer wares etc.

Medically Kakishibu was used as a remedy for treating minor burns and skin irritations.
As Kakishibu was found to have the ability to control bleeding, it started to be used as a remedy for internal bleedings such as hematemesises and bloody faeces.
It was also used for preventing and recovering from apoplexy.

@The four prominent powers of Kakishibu
Kakishibu contains ten times more polyphenol than red wine.
Additional nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fibres and minerals are abundantly in Kakishibu. Polyphenol which is also found in red wine is of recent interest for healthy living.
Polyphenol is a substance made out of saccharide resulting from photosynthesis. It has a strong antioxidative effect, which helps to maintain a healthy body.

Kakishibu polyphenol contains tannin, catechin, flavonoid and antoshianin etc. 100g of Kakishibu contains 3500mg of polyphenol, whereas green tea has 230mg and red wine has 300mg. Kakishibu is rich in polyphenol and has ten times more than red wine.

Let us explain how the polyphenol of Kakishibu containing tanning works for our health.

Kakishibu polyphenol cleans blood and lowers blood pressure.
Blood and the blood vessels are important to for our health. There is a saying gDisease originates from the blood and we age in the blood vessels.h

The increase of bad cholesterol and lipid peroxide causes the inner walls of the blood vessels to thicken and blood vessels to narrow, resulting in higher blood pressure and eventually arteriscierosis and apoplexy. The tannin contained in kakishibu polyphenol decreases bad cholesterol in blood and suppress lipid in the blood changing into lipid peroxide with active oxygen.

When blood flows easily, it nourishes and spreads oxygen quickly to the extremity of the body and removes waste matters more efficiently. A better metabolism promotes better health. It is possible to lower blood pressure by improving blood flow.

Researchers at the University of Tohoku carried out clinical studies, which verified that Kakishibu lowers blood pressure. They had noticed that Kakishibu has been used as a remedy for high blood pressure and brain haemorrhage sequeiae in the Tohoku region of Japan.

Benefits of taking Kakishibu after the apoplexy are described by many users. For instance;
A man of 70 in Hyogo Prefecture recovered within six months by taking Kakishibu three times a day after becoming a hemiplegics caused by apoplexy.
Kakishibufs antioxidative quality controls the active oxygen.
It was said for a long time that the fundamental causes of the lifestyle diseases and many other sickness are caused by active oxygen.

The oxygen taken into the body is transformed into potentially harmful active oxygen. It then changes the lipid into lipid peroxide, which destroys the cell films and damages DNA.

It is widely recognized that high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis and cancer etc. are caused by this active oxygen and it accelerates the aging of internal organs.

Kakishibu polyphenol has an antioxidative quality which removes the active oxygen and prevents lifestyle diseases, cancerization of cells and protects the body from diseases by promoting the normal functioning of internal organs.

It also helps you stay young by slowing the aging process such as wrinkles and gray hair.

Kakishibu is also effective for food poisoning, tooth decay, foul breath, cold and hangover etc. because of it antibacterial and detoxication qualities.

Kakishibu is like a grand champion of sumo wrestler of the polyphenol. Kakishibu is a natural juice of the astringent persimmon. It has been taken as a remedy for paralysis and circulatory ailments for several centuries in Japan.

Some of old remedies like this have been recognized scientifically in recent studies.
Kakishibu contains a lot of polyphenol (tannin, catechin, fraponoid etc.) that suppresses bad active oxygen which causes many diseases.

Kakishibu is good for a long and healthy life.
@@@₯@It is good for the body
@@@Bad active oxygen that causes sickness is suppressed.


@‘@Bad cholesterol is suppressed.

@‘@Fat is prevented from being

@‘@Blood is purified.

@‘@Excessive active oxygen is
@@@ suppressed.

@‘@The rise of blood sugar level is
@@@ prevented.

@‘@Germs and the virus are prevented
@@@ from proliferating.
Various prevention
Apoplexy prevention,
High blood pressure prevention,
Cancer prevention,@
Heart disease prevention
Immunity improvement,
Diabetic prevention,
Constipation prevention
Osteoporosis prevention, @
Cholesterol control, @
Stomach and intestines protection
Activation of brain, @
Prevention of food poisoning,
Hangover is eased and prevented,
The bad breath care,
Improvement of atopy,
Excessive sensitivity to cold,
Improvement of neuralgia,
Pyorrhea alveolaris, and gingivitis etc.
¦Kakishibu is not a medicine.
@@@₯@It is good for clothing.
@@@It is safe against the skin because it is a natural material.
œ@Container of sake
@@@₯@ It is good to eat.
@@@It prevents poisoning by its antibacterial agents.
œ@Purifying agent in sake
œ@Food additives
œ@Nutritional drinks
@@@₯@It is good for the living environment.
@@@It is used for dealing with the problems of esick housef phenomenon.
œ@Wood paints œ@Insecticide, waterproofing and
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